We Learn Your Business

While previous experience and success is important for any adviser, all entities are not the same and it is critical to work closely with all levels of the business to understand the opportunities and challenges. We pride ourselves on thorough analysis through interviews, observation, and becoming knowledgeable of the product or services provided by your company.

We Strategize with You

Upon gathering the data, we will work with your leaders/executives to discuss and develop the strategies that best meet your corporate culture, vision, and long term goals.  Our highly interactive approach ensures success through analysis of  the entity, business environment and a host of other metrics used to best interpret the current situation.

We Create a Customized Plan for You

With a strategy in mind, a roadmap will be developed, which incorporates checkpoints and testing to measure success. For each checkpoint, questions will be developed to help assure the appropriate goals are achieved.  We will leverage areas where results are strong, and make subtle shifts to help elevate areas where growth is not as robust.

We Implement a Solution that Yields Results

With a tested plan in place, we will train your associates to attain the desired results.  We prefer to understand the current environment, provide a multi-term roadmap, and offer everything necessary to execute the final plan. Our goal is to maximize our time to minimize consulting costs, while leaving behind a portfolio of tools to ensure there is little need for continued consulting services. In effect, we want to make you independent and allow you to use Loop Group, LLC only when necessary.

In summary, Loop Group, LLC has been designed to leverage past success/experience, understand current conditions/culture, and collaboratively develop a plan of customized results for every entity.  We bring the total package in terms of understanding the entity, providing solutions, minimizing cost, and offering self-sufficiency upon completing the process!

Gary Loop

Loop Group, LLC was founded by Gary Loop after a career spanning over 20 years. Gary has primarily worked within Customer Service, Call Centers, but has a wide variety of experience… Read more >>